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Prorsum Group Holdings Limited (“Prorsum Group” or “PGHL”) is founded in 2005 with headquarter located in Hong Kong, is a leading supply chain integrator in the region, offering one-stop international sourcing and distribution service to worldwide buyers and suppliers.  We have two operation branches in Shenzhen (Southern China) and Shanghai (Eastern China) that streamline the sourcing and logistics operations in the two major manufacturing clusters in Mainland China. We Act as Your Offshore BranchWe help to eliminate the difficulties that you might encounter when purchasing from China and selling to China, for examples:

  1. it’s not easy for overseas buyers to verify the true identity of suppliers in China;
  2. many suppliers in China are not willing to ship samples to overseas, if they do, the courier cost is high and the samples sent might not be the ones you want;
  3. many suppliers in China are not good at communicating in foreign languages, and not familiar in international trade transactions and payment terms;
  4. SMEs don’t have representative in China, making a trip to China for onsite inspection is very costly and time consuming;
  5. Not feasible for overseas buyers to buy product samples or small quantity of merchandises, especial purchasing from China via B2C /C2C websites in small payment amount in Chinese Dollar (RMB).

We are specialized in sourcing offshore manufacturing, purchasing, business process outsourcing and global supply chain management & logistics services. Our people have solid experience and domain knowledge in varies industries and merchandises, speaking fluent English and multiple Chinese languages, dedicate to assist you importing right product from China / Asian region in right price and right quality.  Also, we can help you to evaluate qualified suppliers / manufacturers in China / Asian region for contracted manufacturing that tailor-make merchandise for meeting your unique business needs. With our presence in local market, we will act as your offshore branch with reliable and efficient China sourcing hand!

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