Benefits from Prorsum Group’s Global Supply Chain Services:

Prorsum Group offer greater booking options and service types. Shippers can take advantage of increased ocean sailing schedules per week since Prorsum Group leverage contracts with numerous carriers to provide a variety of service levels, transit times, etc.

Prorsum Group generally has greater negotiating leverage with carriers than individual shippers. This translates into more competitive rates, greater free time allocations, reduced demurrage and per diem penalty rates, etc.

Prorsum Group offer significant, measurable administrative savings. By utilizing our total integrated logistics solutions, shippers outsource the administrative component of their logistics program. This saves time and money! Shippers not utilizing a third-party logistics must develop these competencies in-house to book and track containers, which adds costs.

Prorsum Group offer superior information and technologies services. By their very nature of being the coordinator for all supply chain processes and transportation modes, Prorsum Group are best positioned to combine and report disparate data through value added e-Logistics services.

Prorsum Group offer greater shipment control through vendor relationship management and P.O. monitoring at origin. Prorsum Group proactively contact and work with varies suppliers ensuring shipments flow according to plan. Vendor performance reports are also available.

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