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We are specialized in sourcing offshore manufacturing, purchasing, business process outsourcing and global supply chain management & logistics services. Our people have solid experience and domain knowledge in varies industries and merchandises, speaking fluent English and multiple Chinese languages, dedicate to assist you importing right product from China in right price and right quality. Also, we could help you to evaluate qualified suppliers / manufacturers in China / Asia region for contracted manufacturing that tailor-make merchandise for meeting your unique business needs.

With our presence in local market, we not only could bargain advantageous terms and conditions in sales contracts from suppliers, but also monitoring the entire trade cycle from selection of factory, order placement, production process inspection, product quality control, to cargo delivery and trade documents from origin to destination.

For further enquiry and information, please call our Hotline at +852 9140 5656, email to

(1) Supplier / Factory Sourcing (SFS)

Supplier Sourcing Service is designed to solve the obstacles you faced in purchasing from China such as differences in language, culture, business practice and time zone. We help you to search qualified suppliers (factories) in China or Asian countries, just send us your requirements on products or simply fill the supplier sourcing application form. Within 7 working days, you will receive detailed information on suppliers we recommended. We will also help you to acquire quality product samples and delivered to you accordingly.

Service Scope

  •   Source qualified suppliers for your selection (number of suppliers is up to you)
  •   Provide detailed contact info and product info in English
  •   Collect samples and ship to you for evaluation
  •   Credit search and reference check reporting
  •   Pre-visit to the factory and production capacity evaluation
  •   Upon your acceptance of samples and suppliers, we could assist you on contract negotiation with suppliers for obtaining advantageous terms.

Sourcing and Selection Process

For the metal products supplies, we have surveyed over 500 factories and chosen 20 factories as the contracted manufacturers that we are enjoying an economic of scale from combined order for mass production on specific items.

If we do not have a production capacity in our network that meets your needs, we will perform the following procedure to identify quality suppliers meet your production requirements and exceed business needs:
Selection Process:

  •  Research potential suppliers
  •  Contact potential suppliers via phone calls and emails
  •  Select three or more qualified suppliers to provide quotes, samples and company information kit.
  •  On-site visits to the pre-qualified factories to inspect production facilities and evaluate  operations / personnel capacity

Supplier Verification Survey:

  • Core Competency
  •  Facilities
  • Equipment
  • Personnel
  • Quality System
  • Financial Sustainability
  • Reference Suppliers and Customers

(2) Product Design and Development (PDD)

Whatever it is mass production via contracted supplier or customize-made from qualified supplier, you just need to give us your idea on merchandises; our engineers can assist the product design process with 2-dimension or 3-dimension drawings, produce prototype with your logo imprint on product for your acceptance.

It is a strong demand for offshore capabilities in Tooling, Plastic Injection Molding, Die Casting, Aluminum Casting, Sand Casting, Investment Casting, Metal Fabrication, Metal Stamping and Sheet Metal Stamping. Please see our production capacity and production development process.

Here are the checklists for effective product development and cost estimation, please provide us:

  • Drawings
  • Materials Requirements
  • Samples & Photo (if available)
  • Required Industrial Standard (if apply)
  • Order Quantity
  • Cargo Delivery Time
  • Packaging Requirements
  • Shipping Method and Destination
  • Quality Inspection Requirements
  • Targeted Cost

(3) Samples Collection and Delivery (SCD)

We will provide you our addresses of office and warehouse in both Hong Kong and China (just like your offshore branch in China) that you can use it for receiving samples, mails and information kit form suppliers in China or Asian countries, we will conduct a quality check and requirements compliance on the samples received, send you photos and specifications for approval on delivery.

With your instruction, we could consolidate samples form multiple suppliers, re-packaging or re-labeling with your own logo and marks, then delivery each pack of samples to you or your assigned party anytime and anywhere. You could enjoy a privilege of our corporate account discounted shipping rate from Fedex, UPS, DHL or Hong Kong Speed Post. It’s definitely save you cost and time!

(4) Drop Shipping Service (DSS)

The popularity of e-commerce and online shopping drives a great demand on modern supply chain and logistics solution – Drop Shipping Service, it streamlines the delivering process of merchandises from a complex of varies suppliers to number of your individual end-customers worldwide, your logistics and warehousing cost could be greatly reduced and it speeds up the order fulfillment process in an efficient and cost-effective manner.

We are acting as your offshore branch and protect your confidential trade data between your suppliers and your customers. Simply put, you could just inform your suppliers our contact information and cargo receiving location, ask them to delivery the merchandises (that are ordered by your ultimate customers) to us, we will pick-and-pack and re-label in accordance with your shipping marks. And ship it immediately by international express upon receive your instruction. By delivering all shipments directly from Hong Kong / China to your worldwide customers, every operation process is the same just shifting your logistics hub from your end to origin port, that make your business more efficient and more profitable.

(5) Supplier Capability Survey (SCS)

We search quality suppliers via B2B trade portals or from our pre-qualified suppliers database, contact them and reveal your request, then select number of qualified suppliers to you. Nowadays, the market is highly dynamic, it is critical to have a survey on your suppliers’ or prospects’ true identity and capability before order placement in order to get rid of any risks of liability.

To guarantee the suppliers is in good standing, we offer a wide range of business information and credit search services by checking the suppliers’ status in local government authority. We will send you supplier profile report which includes supplier’s reliable business information on their history, operations, financial condition, potential growth, public filings, banker relationship and unique credit ranking in English.

Supplier Verification Survey includes:

  • Core Competency
  • Facilities
  • Equipment
  • Personnel
  • Quality System
  • Financial Condition
  • Reference Suppliers and Customers

(6) Production Process Monitoring (PPM)

The Production Process Monitoring Service is designed to solve the obstacles in long distance travel to China, language and culture difference. Our inspectors will go to the suppliers’ production line and warehouse to conduct on-site inspection and send you survey report. Help you out on product quality control and safety & quality assurance compliance.

  1. Production Capability Survey (PCS) covers a comprehensive check to product manufacturer/suppliers’ ability to produce and delivery products, including promises and facilities, machinery, production process & capacity, management and staff qualification, quality control system, medical & fire emergency facilities, etc.
  2. Pre-Shipment Inspection (PSI) ensures that the products are actually those being shipped with respect to quantity, quality, trademark, markings, packaging, etc. The shipping containers are inspected for suitability and cleanliness and also that the products are proper packed and loaded into the container.

It is especially important if you order products from new supplier in China, by outsourcing the production process monitoring to us, just like you come to China for on-site factory visits that save you time and money greatly!

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